people who slip into proper grammar when they’re upset are terrifying

I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.
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Thank you so much to the 3 people who’ve donated so far, it means so much to me that people actually care that barely know you.. The donation site will deposit the money into my bank account each Monday and I’ll be giving every single cent to my parents. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces, they’ll be so happy.. ☺️❤️😭

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Another 20$ was donated about half an hour ago! :) thank youuuu ❤️🙊

We’re at $70 now ☺️

$80 :)

Stuck at $80 :/


Taekwoon trying hard to get rid of the hangout stickers each time they come. OMG! He’s so innocent and cute!! >3<

@ M countdown live cam with VIXX

my name / its meaning [x]: melanie - “From the French form of the Latin name Melania, derived from Greek μελαινα (melaina) meaning “black, dark”. 

western zodiac [x]: leo

chinese zodiac [x]: ox

celtic zodiac [x]:  holly - the ruler 

myers-briggs type indicator [x]: intj / infj

the four temperaments [x]: melancholic

enneagram [x]:

type 6 - the loyalist

 type 9 - the peacemaker

soul type [x]: scholar



Independent: “Al-Qaeda is appealing to the Islamic State to spare Western hostages.”


You know you’re fucked up when even Al Qaeda are telling you to calm down a bit.

some sunshine to brighten your day ♥

#iwasjustsittingthereenjoyingthepeace #thentheysaidvixxtvisback

#iwasjustsittingthereenjoyingthepeace #thentheysaidvixxtvisback